• Learning about Push and Pull
    4 FADE
    Learning about Push and Pull
    Working with Shapes
    Christmas Concert
    Santa Claus came to Holy Family School
    St. Nicholas brings treats to Holy Family School
    Veteran's Day with PreK4
    Cowpoke Day
    Pumpkin Painting
    A Great Day for Pumpkin Picking
    DJ Pizza Family Night
    Students learn Fire Safety from FPFD
    A New School Year - Enrichment Building
    Family Night - Jimmy's Italian Ices
  • Early Childhood:

    A program for Tiny Tots, PreK3, PreK4, Bridge to Kindergarten, Kindergarten.
    An Academic Environment with
    Daycare Hours
    Flexible Schedules
    AffordableTuition with a

    10% Discount for Siblings
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